Want to Increase Your Immune System? Increase Your Vitamin D Intake…TODAY!

The immune system benefits of vitamin D and its derivatives have long been studied, and more and more research is presented every year on how vital Vitamin D is in supporting overall health. Along with massive benefits for your immune system, Vitamin D is very important for your teeth, bones, brain, and arteries.

There are 5 forms of Vitamin D (D1-D5) and the latest research has proven that Vitamin D3 is the most beneficial form of Vitamin D. For instance, Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, has been discovered to be extremely effective against the growth of cancer cells. This remarkable discovery was a joint endeavor between researchers at VHIO (Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology) and CSIC-UAB (Albert Sols Institute of Biomedical Research). Apparently, they discovered that one of this vitamin’s receptors was capable of slowing down the production of colon cancer cells.

How? During their research, they discovered that a vital protein in the carcinogenic process of this type of cancer could be slowed down if it came in contact with this vitamin.

Known as beta-catenin, this protein is typically found in intestinal epithelial cells, where it promotes growth during the transformation of the tumor. In other words, the tumor will eventually become malignant if the protein is allowed to build up in the cancer cells.

This is where vitamin D comes to the rescue. If your diet contains an abundance of vitamin D, your potential tumor will have fewer chances of turning malignant. How? Vitamin D actually prevents the protein from stimulating cell growth by stunting the chain of events that can result in the formation of tumors!

The research was done on both mice and human colon cancer cells in which the former were administered vitamin D in different stages of colon cancer.

It was discovered that the mice that were not given VDR, or vitamin D receptors, produced larger tumors as compared to those with VDR. In the researcher’s words, it was discovered that this vitamin did not necessarily “cure” cancer, rather it interrupted the process necessary for the growth of tumors.

Similar results were observed in testing the vitamin on human colon cancer cells. In fact, scientists also discovered that in the absence of VDR, two-thirds of aggressive colon cancer tumors produced high concentrations of beta-catenin. These discoveries tell us that vitamin D is highly effective in nipping all kinds of cancers in the bud!

If you live in a cold climate, chances are that you are vitamin D deficient, and you are a prime candidate for contracting cancer. Why? You are not getting enough sunlight! Yes, your body can produce Vitamin D from sunlight which is the best way to obtain it. Get out in the sun and enrich your diet with this vital vitamin before the VDR in your system runs out completely! Get the two Vitamin D blood tests done, 25-OHD (active form) and 125-OHD (storage form) and supplement with Vitamin D3 if needed. I have found ALL of the chronic condition patients that I have worked with in the past are low in Vitamin D. I like to see the “optimal” Vitamin D level around the high-end of normal which is 80-100 ng/ml. I am constantly amazed at how I see many a chronic condition patient’s Vitamin D levels at 10-25. These patients are living a slow death!

The key is to never forget that your body can produce Vitamin D naturally if your cholesterol levels are normal and your liver, kidneys, and gut are all functioning normally.
Yes, it’s true! Cholesterol is actually good for you! When sunlight comes into contact with your skin, it actually converts cholesterol into Vitamin D.

Our bodies are starved of this key vitamin due to an image-conscious society that has deliberately blinded itself to its own health requirements. In other words, many of us are depriving ourselves of vitamins that can actually make us healthier and prevent cancer from taking hold of our bodies. I can’t stress it enough, if you have any chronic health condition, your vitamin D level should be up around 80-100 ng/ml. However, taking just any vitamin D will not help! There are many Vitamin D supplements that are synthetic meaning that they are solvent-extracted from sheep’s wool. How will you know which ones benefit you? Easy: you want a natural, live-source Vitamin D supplement – this is why I only recommend D3 from Premier Research Labs (PRL) and it is available at www.drjsupplements.com. I take it myself as does everyone in my family.

Some of the latest research on Vitamin D and thyroid disorders comes from the paper published January, 10, 2013 in the journal Thyroid Research and Practice. The article was titled, Vitamin D and Thyroid: Autoimmunity and Cancer from Drs. D. Dutta and S. Ghosh.

The paper stated, “Low levels of 25(OH)D along with elevated levels of 1,25(OH)2D has been documented in several autoimmune disorders. It has been suggested that VDR dysregulation resulting from infections or disease results in decreased CYP24 activity resulting in increased 1,25(OH)2D levels which in turn result in decreased 25(OH)D levels as a result of the physiologic negative feedback.” and… “Lower serum 1,25(OH)2D but not 25(OH)D has been documented in patients with thyroid cancer as compared with normal individuals.” Again, this is the latest research!

Keep in mind that sedentary lifestyle will not help you! If you haven’t seen the sun in years, it’s time to get off that couch and head outside. I am amazed at how many chronic condition patients have not seen the sun in years, so much so that they look like a ghost.

You need to bask in those rays for at least a half an hour each day to get a decent amount of vitamin D for your body. This way, instead of popping pills, you can absorb all the vitamin D you need naturally.

It is extremely unfortunate that M.D.s have created this panic in the public’s perception that if they are out in the sun for 10 seconds, they will contract skin cancer. In my opinion, you will NOT get skin cancer if you expose yourself to 20-30 minutes of daily sunlight without sunscreen. Why don’t you want to use sunscreen? Because it contains a massive amount of chemicals and your skin is the largest organ of the body! Plus, all those sunscreens you use liberally over every inch of your body may protect your skin from ‘harmful’ UV rays, but those chemicals inside the sunscreen can cause your cells to go haywire. If you insist on using a sunscreen, please go to a natural health food store and purchase natural sunscreen! The natural sunscreen that I like best is from a company called Alba Botanica. Trust me folks, you will probably die of other types of cancer if you stay indoors and don’t allow your body to make its own Vitamin D!
Vitamin D is a fat and in order for your body to absorb Vitamin D, you need bile. Bile is produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder so you need to have your gall bladder working at 100%, please see my explanation of the function of the gall bladder later in this book.

Finally, please remember to take only LIVE-SOURCE, NATURAL Vitamin D! Avoid the synthetic source Vitamin D that is solvent-extracted from sheep’s wool! Keep as many chemicals out of your body as possible.

The Dangers of Excipients in Nutritional Supplements– CAVEAT EMPTOR-“Let the Buyer Beware!”

Have you heard about excipients in your nutritional supplements? If this is the first time you have come across the term, you need to know that “excipients” are used as fillers, glues and binders. You can imagine them as a type of glue that is extremely toxic to your system.

Most people don’t really understand the consequences of excipients in “nutritional” products. They simply walk inside a store and buy a bottle of vitamins. Frankly, the bottles and boxes you get at big stores do not have any nutritional value so you’re only buying trash.

Excipients are non-nutritive substances, that is to say, they have no nutritional value or justified use in “nutritional” products. If you test these substances, you will see that they are often toxic. If excipients are potentially toxic and have no value, why are they included in nutritional products?

In my opinion, the bottom line is money! Nutritional manufacturers are going to increase their profit on every supplement that they sell using excipients. For example, tablets cannot be made without excipients because you need to include some kind of “glue” to keep the contents together. If you really want to stay healthy, avoid any
nutritional products available in tablet form.

A list of a few “problematic” substances is below, though there are many others not listed here. You will find these in most common nutritional products.

• Magnesium stearate is used as a lubricating agent, but studies reveal that its regular use compromises your immune system.
• Methyl paraben, one of the most famous members of the benzoate family, is widely known for its cancer-causing abilities.
• Microcrystalline cellulose is commonly used as cheap filler and has harmful effects on your body.
• Silicon dioxide, or common sand, is also used to enhance flowing properties of nutritional substances in preparations, but you surely don’t want to eat sand every day.
• Methacrylic copolymer showed teratogenic effects when tested on rat embryo cultures, meaning it has the potential to disturb the normal growth and development of a fetus.
• Substances listed as “natural flavors” can actually be monosodium glutamate (MSG), known to produce neurotoxicity and harm your brain.
• You may be tempted to take colorful nutritional products, but beware that the titanium dioxide used as a colorant is well known for its toxic effects on the liver.
• Corn starch, one of the most common examples of cheap excipients, can produce allergic responses in certain individuals. Unfortunately, you might be one of them.
• Talcum powder, or talc, is rarely listed on the excipients list, but it can contribute to the cause of cancer.
• Other dubious substances commonly used to form tablets include D&C red #33, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polyethylene glycol, propyl paraben, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, sodium acetate, hydroxypropyl cellulose, sodium metabisulfite and Eudragit. All of these are hazardous and can put your life at risk.

You really need to avoid all poor nutritional supplements, especially those that are available in your local grocer, pharmacy, or big box store. Most of these brands contain dangerous solvents that bind the actual vitamin, such as vitamin D that has been solvent-extracted from sheep’s wool or B-vitamins derived from coal tar.

The list of excipients goes on and on, and you can find detailed information about all these substances on our website, www.youcanbeatthyroiddisorders.com.

Do these chemicals still sound complicated? Just stop eating excipients and your job is done!

The fact is that you shouldn’t be using products that contain excipients. You can find a long list of nutritional products that help your body heal in all of my books which are available for free at www.askdrjohnson.com.

I am amazed that there are nutrition companies that are now actually attempting to justify the use of excipients in their products. In my opinion, there is NO REASON to ever use an excipient in any nutritional product and I would NEVER take any nutritional product if it contained any excipient!
This is why I only work with Premier Research Labs (PRL) in my office. PRL’s line of nutrition is 100% natural and completely excipient-free! More importantly, I have seen far superior results with PRL in myself, my family and my patient population.


EMFs or electromagnetic fields are adversely affecting your body!

Every time that you go to the grocery store, you are exposed to EMFs, first from the automatic doors opening when you walk into the building and then when the cashier scans your goods at the checkout counter. The problem is that no one in the healthcare community is talking about it!

You especially need to know about EMFs if you suffer from thyroid disorders because your thyroid is your body’s radiation shield.

The EMF, or Electromagnetic field, is the movement of electrons. The type of current flowing in your wires is AC, or alternating current. When AC runs through the wires or power lines, it produces an electric and magnetic field. The magnetic field increases as the flow of current increases in the wire or in any electrical devices you have in your home. An electromagnetic field is produced when electric and magnetic fields COMBINE. It is the magnetic field that is most detrimental to your body. It is the magnetic fields that have the ability to penetrate your body and cause the harm! Why do you think that multiple MRIs are harmful to your body? MRI stands for “Magnetic Resonance Imaging!”

Unfortunately, you are exposed to electromagnetic fields wherever you go. You will be surprised to know this, but even if you are miles away from a high voltage power line, you are STILL exposed! Your hair dryer, electric shaver and household appliances can also produce this field.
I had one patient that had an immediate reduction in her symptoms once her house was grounded. It was a night and day difference for her. Her symptoms had first started when they found stray voltage on her farm.

Electromagnetic fields can disturb your cell’s normal functions. A number of renowned medical experts have suggested that EMFs are a potential source of cancer. One of them, Dr. David Carpenter from the School of Public Health, State University of New York, claims that the combination of electric and magnetic fields is responsible for more than 30% of cancer in children! Why isn’t that fact on the front page of every newspaper? In my opinion, if a large pharmaceutical company is unable to make money from it, it doesn’t exist!

The EMF issues initially started after a series of articles were published in The New Yorker magazine in June 1989. At the same time, a large number of related reports were also published in Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. The Department of Energy then accepted the fact that electromagnetic fields do have adverse biological effects. Extensive work proving the effects of EMFs continued through the 1990’s and continues today.

The bottom line is that a large number of studies revealed at the very least a causal link between EMFs and cancer. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) did respond to the findings and revealed that EMFs cannot be rated as a carcinogen until there is a “clear discovery” related to how it causes the condition in the first place. My feeling is this: DON’T WAIT for the EPA’s ruling! How long did it take the government to come out and say that cigarette smoking caused cancer? Get my drift on this one?

You are surrounded by high voltage power lines, and these long cables are connected to massive electrical transformers. The amount of EMF that penetrates your body depends on the configuration of the power station and the condition of the wires. The environment you live in also plays an important role in EMF attraction and damages caused by these changing fields. If you live in an area that is close to an electric substation, you may be in greater danger.

Most people also overlook the danger of an electric transformer. It’s the metal box you see located on top of poles near your street. That small box has more than 13,000 volts of electricity coursing through it!

Although the field can be quite strong around the transformer, its strength reduces rapidly with distance. So even if you have a transformer near your home, you don’t need to panic. Just measure the field strength in the area to know how exposed you really are at any time.

I visit my patient’s homes to get a better idea about the extent of EMFs they are exposed to on a daily basis. This not only helps improve their chances of recovery, but makes them feel more comfortable as well. We also check for the presence of chemicals, environmental toxins and hidden biotoxins such as fungus and molds. If the patient is a distance patient that lives outside the Appleton, WI area, I use Google Maps to zero in on their location and check for any power lines or transformers near their home. We can also check www.antennasearch.com to see if there are any towers with EMF radiation that are adversely affecting them. In short, I do not leave any stone unturned that can contribute to my patient’s recovery.

If your home is a source of high EMFs, it is likely that you have faulty wiring or your home is not grounded properly. To be on the safe side, you can call a licensed electrician to check the wires and locate the source of that high magnetic field. Please keep in mind that electrical wires can be dangerous and you should never touch the wires even if the power supply is switched off.

An EMF is not just radiated from electrical wires or power stations, but also your household appliances such as electric blankets, computers and water beds. If you are sitting in front of your computer or in a nearby room, you are still exposed to EMFs. Unfortunately, placing screens over the monitor will not shield you completely. What can you do to minimize the risk? You should always turn off your computer and unplug the machine when not in use.

Many can’t live without electric blankets in the winter, but this is the worst thing that you can use. These blankets can create very strong magnetic fields which can be strong enough to penetrate six to seven inches into your body. Electric blankets have also been linked to miscarriages and childhood leukemia, so it is better if you throw them away!

Recent work conducted on electric blankets and water beds revealed that you are exposed to magnetic fields even when these devices are powered off. Your worries don’t end here either. Those electric clocks and fluorescent lights by your bed also radiate their own magnetic fields. You should think about moving electric clocks and all other devices, such as cordless telephones and answering machines, at least be six feet away from your bed, and ideally farther away. You can also order Premier Research Lab’s Q-Tape (www.drjsupplements.com) which is a metal tape that can be placed on the back of appliances and clocks to absorb the magnetic portion of the EMF.

Microwave ovens, hair dryers and electric shavers are also a threat. Chronic exposure to EMFs emitted by these devices can cause cancer and other degenerative diseases. EMF consultants also believe that young children should not be exposed to hair dryers as the resultant magnetic fields can damage their developing brains.

Cordless telephones and cell phones are also a potential cancer threats. You will be exposed to really strong EMFs for the entire time you hold the device in your hands. WiFi in your home is a strong source of EMF radiation and it should be grounded. Premier Research Lab’s Q-Disc works perfectly to absorb the magnetic field of cell phones, laptops and hand-held tablets. Simply place a Q-Disc on the back of the device. (Q-Discs can be ordered at www.drjsupplements.com)

Is there any way you can protect yourself? Staying connected to the earth and remaining grounded is a good way to keep your body away from harmful magnetic fields. You shouldn’t underestimate the healing powers of the earth. One of my friends got rid of jet lag by walking on the grass barefoot for 15 minutes.

Using tektites are another great way to protect yourself from EMF radiation. The term tektite is derived from the Greek work tektos, meaning “melted” or “molten.” Tektites are rare, naturally occurring formations of molten, glass-like mineral compounds, up to several centimeters in size, that are believed to be formed by the impact of large meteorites on the earth’s surface. They absorb the magnetic portion of the EMF and protect you. Carry two tektites (one in each pocket) with your at all times to be protected.

You can also ground your home using Dragonite, a magnetic volcanic ash. Simply sprinkle Dragonite around the perimeter of your home and add a little extra around the corners.

Finally, Premier Research Labs has small pyramids made of various EMF-absorbing material that can be placed in your home. I personally carry two tektites with me at all times, as does every member of my family. We have grounded our home using Dragonite and we have several EMF-absorbing pyramids in our home and at my office. I have done extensive research on EMFs and I am not taking ANY chances!

Your body is composed of minerals and water, making you a good conductor so when you wear rubber shoes or ones made from a synthetic material, you are actually shielding yourself from the earth’s healing touch! Wearing leather on your feet can help you soak up all that grounding energy.

We prefer grounding our patients’ homes ourselves to ensure their safety. Products such as grounding mattresses, seat cushions, computer attachments and tektites can help as well. It is my policy to cover EMFs in detail with every new patient that I accept into care because what you don’t know, CAN hurt you!

Love Yourself!

Let’s reflect on some of the major emotional issues that many chronic health patients face – Fear, Guilt, Depression, and perhaps, some Shame. While I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist, between all of my years on this planet and the fact that I work with a lot of chronic condition patients for over thirty years, including cancer patients, I have learned a few things that I would like to share with you.

I strongly feel that emotionally healing is a HUGE part of healing and especially when it comes to a chronic health conditions!

When a person is diagnosed with a chronic health condition, Fear maybe the first emotion that runs through their mind. “Will I ever get better?,” is a comment that I often hear when I address chronic condition patients. Remember, the title of my books- You Can Beat (name of condition)…Naturally! Make this your first affirmation each and every day; embrace this new life challenge as an opportunity rather than a crisis. This IS your opportunity to regain control of your body, mind and spirit, all you need to do is follow through will the vital information I am giving you! Reflect on what is your biggest fear when living with any chronic disease. There are natural protocols that I discuss extensively in my books that are non-invasive, safe, and promote energy and strength. Something your body is or has been lacking, so embrace your fears and conquer them.

Guilt is another barrier for chronic condition patients in loving themselves. They tend to reflect on all the bad decisions they may have made in their lives and feel that they actually deserve to feel horrible. NO ONE should ever feel that they deserve to be sick! Let go of the past and begin to live life free of guilt. God didn’t put you on this planet to struggle day in and day out! He did give you choice on how you want to live each day so live free and live in the moment!

Shame is closely connected with guilt. As we think of how we may have taken advantage of our youth and health, we may now feel shame for doing so. We ALL make mistakes, it is a part of being human, so forgive yourself NOW and move forward. ALL of us have baggage, drop it wherever you are and let it go! If others don’t want to forgive you, don’t worry about it, as they witness your newfound strength and positive light, they just may find forgiveness in themselves. Remember, this is you fighting for your life so do so in valiant strides and forgive yourself. Live each day being kind to yourself and others.

Depression can actually prohibit you from healing; as it tears down the healthy cells from their pure healthy state. You will be dealing with doctors that may have desensitized themselves from their patients. This does happen in the healthcare community, however, not with me! Stick up for yourself and state – I Can Beat (Name of Disease)!

You are not going to be the same after fighting any chronic condition. You can either lose your faith and hope, or you can evolve into a more loving place within. I am going to tell you now, this is no small challenge. Learn the meaning of your depression, fear, anger, or any other negative emotion you may be feeling right now. Notice that inner creativity and strength dwelling inside and you will begin to get that urge to do something.

This is the beginning of that evolvement for a new beginning and right NOW is the starting point. Research all the information that I give to you in my books, reach out to others, meet people who are also facing this a chronic condition such as yours and overcoming it. Forget the feeling that struggling for something more is just not worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Get a piece of paper, or even better, start a journal, and begin to create a “to do” list. Research every term I give you in my books, every test, all the types of protocols to do, etc.
The internet is a great resource, use it! Make a list of your passions, things you love to do, things you want to do–And Do Them!. Live each day in positive light; stay away from any negative thoughts or people. I tell everyone that I am “allergic to negative people” because, I AM! If I perceive that you are the least bit negative, you will not be seeing me in any way, shape, or form.

I have a strong belief in God and I know that the good Lord is working in my life on a daily basis. I am not saying that you have to believe in God to heal but perhaps consider reconnecting with the spiritual side of yourself.

In Chinese medicine, emotions are related to specific organs such as the liver is related to anger and jealousy. The kidneys are related to fear and anxiety. The stomach is related to disgust, the lung to grief, the gall bladder to resentment, and the spleen to low self-esteem. Unresolved emotions can and do affect your physical health!

Again, I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist but I address emotions with all of my patients by using positive affirmations and muscle testing. I have the patient state the affirmation and if the muscle that I am testing goes weak after the patient states the affirmation, it needs to be addressed.

Honestly, it is a 90-second fix and it is very easy. I use the following affirmations…

Now I can be healthy!
Now I can do whatever it takes to be healthy!
Now I can be prosperous! (This is important because so many sick people do not think that they can ever work again!)
Now I can love myself! (I see this one with a lot of chronic patients, especially cancer patients!)
Now I can forgive myself! (This one is big with chronic and cancer patients too!)
Now I can be loved!
Now I can change!
Now I am free of fear!
Now I can be happy!
Now I can be successful!
Now I can express my true magnificence! (I like that one!)
Now I can unconditionally give love to others!
Now I can live life to the fullest!
Now I can feel joy!
Now I can have a wonderful, lasting relationship with (significant other)!
Now I can love and forgive________! (There could be a bunch on this one…ex-spouse, ex-relationship, father, mother, sibling, relative, friend, etc. If you don’t forgive others that you feel have wronged you, my feeling is that you will never completely heal!)

ANY traumatic event has to be addressed like a divorce, bankruptcy, surgery, auto accident, etc. has to be addressed for the patient to heal.

One of the BEST books that I have read on helping one to heal emotionally is Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. I highly recommend this book and I especially like the CD version that you can get from any bookstore or it is also available on www.audible.com.

FOCUS ON YOUR HEART!!!! If you are truly serious about healing, focus on your heart with every word that you speak and every action that you take!!! You will find that when YOU change, the world around you will change!

The bottom line is this…

Go easy on yourself and start Loving Yourself, NOW!

The Thyroid and the Importance of the Lymphatic System!

The lymphatic system is the garbage collection system of the body.

The majority of the fluid that is carried by the lymphatic system consists of waste deposits from the cells. Each of us has the same amount of lymph as blood in our body. The only thing difference in the lymphatic system compared to the circulatory system is that it does not have a pump.

Lymph fluid is pumped through the vessels via the contraction of our muscles, our body’s own electro-magnetic field and even breathing. This is one of the many benefits of exercise because it moves lymph. A sluggish or clogged lymphatic system doesn’t allow the body to circulate the fluids and eliminate toxic waste buildup which can decrease the body’s immune function. As a result, there is an increase in swelling, inflammation and pain along with the possibility of contracting other diseases. Think of lymph nodes as small filters that can corner bacteria and prevent other nasty ‘surprises’ from invading your body. If they fail, those nodes may become infected with secondary tumors.

This is why our lymph system is CRITICAL when it comes to purging our body of waste material! It’s also responsible for distributing nutrients to each and every part of our body. How does the lymph system work? As stated, it doesn’t have a pump like the circulatory system’s heart so the lymph system “PUMPS” the lymph through the body when you EXERCISE!
Do you know what all of this means? It means you need to be active and exercise if you want to heal! This is why couch potatoes tend to develop chronic conditions earlier than those who exercise regularly and STICK to a healthy diet!

The lymph (which is basically recycled blood plasma) needs balanced chemistry within its structure to function properly in that system. This is why it needs to be healthy or full of the nutrients to stay fit, which is what a proper pH level can give it.

In order to maintain adequate pH levels, you need to have appropriate amounts of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and trace elements in your soft tissues. This is what gives the lymphatic system its fluidity. In other words, balanced lymph chemistry is essential for lymph to transport the minerals needed in the cells in order to re-alkalinize or balance the chemicals in the soft tissue. This in turn allows minerals to remain in the cell solution long enough to reach the cells.

To make this scenario possible, appropriate amounts of HCL need to be supplied by the body so that you can absorb the vital minerals needed to help your lymphatic system. In other words, you need adequate amounts of stomach acid (HCL) to digest your food.

Lymph is more than just waste, it is an amalgamation of enzymes, nutrients, sugars, cytokines and a other vital chemicals that coat the cells. As my good friend, Dr. Kevin Conners, likes to say, lymph is like “a healthy river, needing a constant flow of fresh nourishments, which prevents our body from turning it into a stagnant pond.”

Lymph is normally pumped throughout the whole body in lymph vessels as the muscles in your body contract and relax. These vessels also contain check valves that permit the passage of waste in one direction only. If your lymphatic system slows down, it will prevent the circulation of necessary nutrients, thus dulling the response of the immune system at the same time!

Do you know what that means? It means you will be highly susceptible to hidden infections that a strong immune system typically nips in the bud.

As you grow old, the amount of HCL that your body produces decreases. This decrease is caused by several factors such as eating processed or junk food, using illegal and legal drugs, and excess stress. However, some researchers back in the 1930’s discovered that this acid (HCL) is not the only thing necessary to balance lymph chemistry and balance the minerals needed to alkalinize the tissue. Your body also needs a suitable NATURAL POTASSIUM ACTIVATOR.

When you combine HCL and potassium, you enable your body to create the perfect acid/base balance it needs to balance the lymph chemistry (I know I sound like a broken record, only because of how important this balance is!)
Plus, the perfect HCL-Potassium partnership can actually boost HCL’s effectiveness as a global GERMICIDE.

Basically, this means it can hunt out HIDDEN infections, which can turn chronic if they remain undetected.
What is the take away? We found out that if your stomach acid is low, HCL supplementation along with potassium synergists can:

1) Balance lymph chemistry by maintaining the medium those minerals need to freely move around the solution and deliver the necessary nutrients required by the body to ward off chronic diseases.

2) Make the immune system active enough to detect hidden infections that can make the pH balance go awry. This usually happens when the minerals in the body abandon their purpose (which is to re-mineralize tissue) and go to fight off those infections instead.

You need to have the right amount of HCL to make that lymph flow smoothly and efficiently, as we have just discussed. When you have too little, nothing you do will make that lymph flow faster!

When you have enough stomach acid (HCL) in your system, you can form methyl groups easily. This is VITAL. For those of you who aren’t aware, methyl groups allow cells to replicate NORMALLY. In other words, it’s because of methyl groups positively affecting your DNA that you get a NEW BODY every year. Why? As I mentioned before, your body is constantly changing cells. Methyl groups help you form HEALTHY cells. Abnormal or low levels will promote the growth of UNHEALTHY cells which can lead to serious health issues!

The Thyroid and Insomnia!

When you are sleeping, your body is healing and your pineal gland is producing melatonin which is one of the most powerful antioxidants that your body produces.

If you suffer from insomnia, you need to address specific organ function and support them nutritionally. The protocols that I have listed below are adapted from Chinese Medicine and I can tell you personally that they work! I suffered for many years with insomnia before I discovered these protocols.

If you are unable to fall asleep, usually, it is a problem with your gall bladder. You will need to increase your gall bladder meridian by supporting it nutritionally. I recommend a product from Premier Research Labs (PRL) called BiliVen. Usually 4-6 day with meals will do the trick. (BiliVen and all of the other supplements mentioned are available at www.drjsupplements.com)

If you have trouble staying asleep and/or you wake up in the middle of the night and you are unable to fall back to sleep, usually that is a problem with your stomach meridian. You will need to increase your stomach meridian by increasing your stomach acid. As we age, our ability to produce stomach acid decreases. Emotional stress also causes a decrease in stomach acid. If you are suffering from acid reflux, you don’t have too much stomach acid, you have too little! You are not digesting your food so lactic acid is forming and that is what is refluxing into your esophagus.
I usually recommend HCL and HCL Activator from PRL (2-4 HCL depending on patient size and 1-2 HCL Activator after every meal. Severe insomniacs may need to take it before bed too.) There are times when a patient is very sensitive and they may react adversely to HCL/HCL Activator so I put them on a product called GastroVen for 4-6 weeks to help heal their gut.

If you wake up in the morning extremely groggy or you have difficulty getting out of bed, you have a problem with your adrenal gland meridian. You need to support your adrenal glands with B-Vitamins (Max B-ND from PRL), Pink Salt, ½ your body weight in good, high-quality water daily, and either 4-6 AdreneVen or Adaptogen R-3 from PRL.

As a great over-all, general sleep aid, I recommend PRL’s natural-source Melatonin, NADH and Tranquinol right before bed.

Unfortunately, most of the melatonin on the market today is synthetic and will case insomnia which is why I only use PRL’s Melatonin.

NADH is a coenzyme found naturally in all living cells of the human body. NADH is also called Coenzyme 1 because it is top-ranked over all other coenzymes, including the famous Coenzyme Q-10. NADH is the abbreviation for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and directly aids in ATP or energy production in the cell.

Finally, Tranquinol is a unique, botanical formula that promotes deep restful sleep.

The Thyroid and Hair Loss in Women!

Hair loss in women is usually caused by an autoimmune disorder. I say “usually” because I do not want to generalize but, and this is a big but, I have yet to see a woman suffering from hair loss that isn’t suffering from an autoimmune disorder in over thirty years of private practice.

What is an autoimmune disorder? The patient’s immune system is attacking their body.

The most common autoimmune disorder that I see in my office causing hair loss in women is called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. The second most common autoimmune disorder causing hair loss is Alopecia areata. Alopecia is caused by the immune system attacking the hair follicles of the body. Interestingly enough, every case of alopecia that has walked into my office over the past 30 years has also suffered from Hashimoto’s.

What is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a condition where the patient’s immune system is attacking their thyroid gland.

How do you know if you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?

You can have your doctor run the TPO (ATA) and TGB (ATG) thyroid antibodies. Please note that there are “lab ranges” and “functional or optimal ranges.” Lab ranges are much broader than the functional range so your physician may tell you that you are not suffering from an autoimmune thyroid or Hashimoto’s when in fact, you are suffering from it and that is causing your hair to fall out in clumps!

Can you tell if a patient is suffering from an autoimmune condition without running blood work?

Ideally, you should run blood work. A doctor can order a T & B lymphocyte panel or the TPO (ATA) and TGB (ATG) antibodies. There are some cases where the patient cannot afford any blood work so how does one know if they are autoimmune? First, an autoimmune patient will have a large grocery bag of supplements that they have tried but did not work for them. Second, they will have medical file the size of a thick book. They have been to countless doctors and no one is giving them any answers!

The problem is that most doctors only run the TSH blood test and they don’t even bother to run the thyroid antibodies, let alone the T & B lymphocyte panel, because they don’t know how to address Hashimoto’s! Whether the patient suffers from Hashimoto‘s or not, the physician’s treatment is the same…drugs.

Medications are fine if the patient is suffering from primary hypothyroidism BUT according to The Journal of Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders… “90% of hypothyroidism or low thyroid is caused by an autoimmune thyroid or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.” Again, medicine has absolutely no answer for Hashimoto’s!

A patient suffering from hair loss needs to have complete blood work run on them such as a complete metabolic panel (CMP) which provides information on the blood glucose levels, HGBA1C, liver, kidney, gall bladder, stomach function and iron levels (serum iron, TIBC, transferrin, etc.) . A CBC with auto differential needs to be run which breaks down the red and white blood cells. A lipid panel needs to be run and a complete thyroid panel which includes, TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Total T4, FTI, T3 Resin Uptake, Reverse T3, & TBG. The vast majority of physicians will only run the TSH and no other tests. If your hair is falling out, you want to get to the cause of the problem and the only way to get to the cause is to run comprehensive blood panels!

If the complete metabolic panels do not contain the following tests, they need to be run separately…uric acid levels, C-reactive protein (C-RP) and homocystiene to check for inflammation. Inflammation is like taking a blow-torch to your thyroid or other organs of the body that are being affected by an autoimmune condition. Vitamin D levels such as 25 OHD (active form) and 125 OHD (storage form) to determine how well you immune system is being supported.
There are countless studies proving the effectiveness of Vitamin D increasing the function of the immune system.

Autoimmune Triggers

Autoimmune triggers do just that, they “trigger” your immune system to attack your body!

There are specific triggers such as…

Food triggers

Gluten (the protein in wheat), dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and soy are the most common food triggers. They also cause massive inflammation in the body. Most patients will stop consuming gluten, dairy and soy but some need to see it in black and white so we can run blood tests to find these triggers if necessary.

Parasite triggers

Parasites in the gut, liver, gall bladder or pancreas can trigger an autoimmune disorder. Also a bacterial infection in the stomach such as H. Pylori can also be a trigger.

Chemical trigger

Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic estrogen and thus, compromise normal hormonal function. They compete with estrogen on the estrogen receptor sites of the cell. Studies have proven that xenoestrogens cause cancer!

Xenoestrogens are caused by a multitude of chemicals such as hormones in meat and dairy products, pesticides in fruits and vegetables, pesticides and herbicides on our lawns, chemicals in commercial soaps and detergents, fabric softeners, coffee (a very heavily pesticide-sprayed crop), plastics, and synthetic materials in clothing, carpeting, bedding, and furniture. Synthetic nutritional substances are another source of xenoestrogens. Unfortunately, I have seen it many times in my office where the patient is taking a synthetic nutritional supplement thinking that they are helping their body when in fact, they are doing more harm. If you are taking nutritional supplements, you need to make sure that they are all natural and contain no excipients like magnesium stearate. Nutrition companies use magnesium stearate as a lubricating agent but studies have shown that it compromises the immune system! Why would you want to take any product that “compromises” your immune system when your immune system is already attacking your body? This is the reason why my family and I only use products –nutritional supplements, soaps, coffee, and other household goods — from Premier Research Labs (PRL).

There are specific blood panels from Cyrex Labs (www.cyrexlabs.com) which will give you specific information such food triggers and chemical triggers. Parasite triggers can be picked up from stool sample testing from Metametrix Labs (www.metametrix.com)

The Liver

The liver plays a very important role in hair loss because the liver is extremely important in hormonal function and 60% of T4 is converted to T3 in your liver and! (Please see my article on The Liver at www.youcanbeatthyroiddisorders.com)

The Importance of Gut Function

The stomach also plays a very importance role in hair loss because recent studies have shown that 70% to 80% of your immune system is in your gut and 20% of T4 is converted to T3 in the gut so it is vital that you have proper gut function! (Please see my article on The Importance of Methyl Groups at www.youcanbeatthyroiddisorders.com)

The Importance of pH

Normal body pH should be between 6.4 to 7.0. If your pH is below 6.4, it will trigger your immune system to cause your hair to continue to fall out. You can check your pH by ordering pH test strips and testing your first morning urine pH after 5 a.m. over a period of two weeks. I have not addressed a woman whose hair was falling out that didn’t have an acidic body pH. (Please see my article on The Importance of pH at www.youcanbeatthyroiddisorders.com)

Here’s what you need to do to regrow your hair:

#1: Get the blood work listed. Make sure to get ALL of it no matter what your doctor tells you! You are losing your hair and you HAVE to get to the cause of it!
#2: Stop consuming autoimmune triggers gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and soy! If you are unable to stop, get the blood work to prove to yourself that you NEED to stop immediately.
#3: Order test strips and check your first morning urine pH after 5 a.m. for at least two weeks.
#4: Most importantly, find a doctor that knows how to successfully address autoimmune disorders.


April 29, 2013


Appleton, WI — Dr. Michael L. Johnson has taken his defamation/libel suit against author Mary Shomon to Federal Court.

“We had initially filed our lawsuit against Mary Shomon in WI state court in December of 2011 but my attorney has advised me that it would be better if we filed it in Federal Court so that is what we are doing.”


Johnson believes that Shomon committed libel and defamed him in her June 2011 About.com article.
“In my opinion, it’s a flat-out lie!,” states Johnson, “When I spoke to Shomon on the telephone before she published the article, I told her that we work with many indigent patients and reduced fee patients because they need the care desperately, yet, NONE of it was in her article!  I am passionate about my work and I do my very best to work within the financial means of all of my patients and I highly recommend that the doctors in my group do the same!”


Mary Shomon claims to be a patient advocate but after substantial research, Johnson’s attorneys could not find that Shomon possesses any medical credentials.


“My lawyers and I believe very strongly that what Shomon did was wrong and I am very confident that we will prove our case in Federal Court,” Johnson says, “I take my reputation very seriously and I will defend it whenever I see people like Shomon writing articles that, in my opinion, are completely untrue.”


The trial date for the case has not been set, but Johnson and his attorneys expect the case to go to trial in Federal Court in the fall of 2013.                                  

# # #



To learn more about this lawsuit, please contact:

Dr. Michael L. Johnson

1713 S. Oneida St.
Appleton, WI 54915

Office: (920) 739-6971


The Importance of pH!

The Importance of pH!

–by Dr. Michael L. Johnson

Normal body pH is 6.4 to 7.0.  Ideally, you should start the day with a body pH of 6.9 to 7.0 upon awakening.  As the day progresses, the body accumulates waste by-products, and the pH should slightly decrease to 6.4 to 6.6 until the body discharges the waste via the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

In my 30 years of practice, I have found that many chronic illnesses usually begin with the patient being acidic – in other words, they suffer from low pH.  In the beginning, the patient “feels fine” but since their pH is acidic it is a slow spiral downward toward ill health.  Add in the fact that they are not creating methyl groups because of low HCL in their stomach (please see my article on The Importance of Methyl Groups), and it is a recipe for disaster!

#1: Buffering the Blood

When you’re acidic, your body leaches minerals out of your bone to buffer your blood!  This is NOT GOOD because you are on the road to osteopenia and/or osteoporosis.

#2: Heavy Metal Toxicity

When you are acidic, you are at greater risk for heavy metal toxicity, which in turn causes a downward spiral of free radicals!  Calcium lines the brush border cells of the gut to prevent the absorption of heavy metals, and when you are acidic, you have lower levels of available calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals like selenium and zinc.

In addition, lower levels of essential minerals allow for the creation of free radicals in the body.  The mitochondria are the powerhouses of the human cell, and free radicals damage the mitochondria.  Mitochondrial DNA is 10 times more sensitive to free radical damage.

The good news is that this extreme vulnerability of mitochondrial DNA can be protected by targeted nutraceutical agents!  The most profound of which is DHLA (dihydrolipoic acid), the reduced form of alpha lipoic acid, which is now available in stable form for the first time in history. DHLA promotes a dramatic increase in cellular ATP (energy) and quenches every known free radical (both RNS and ROS species) that can occur in living tissue.

I use a DHLA product called Neuro-ND in my practice to address free radicals and excitotoxins.  Neuro-ND is produced by Premier Research Labs (PRL).  Here is a list of its benefits:

Neuro-ND = DHLA (dihydrolipoic acid)

–ATP Boosting!

–Quenches every free known radical in living tissue!

–Regenerates vital anti-oxidants like CoQ10, glutathione, NADH, Vit. C and E!

Neuro-ND and Quinol-ND are currently on back order and they will be available in early 2013.  What do I use in the meantime?  A product from Hope Science, IP-6, which is a very strong anti-oxidant, and PRL’s CoQ10.  Both products are available at www.drjsupplements.com.


Importance of pH and the thyroid gland…

Many doctors (physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths) are addressing thyroid issues but they are not checking the patient’s pH level.  In my opinion, this is a HUGE MISTAKE.

Here’s why…

The minerals that create an alkaline environment in the body (6.4-7.0) – calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals – are VERY IMPORTANT to the thyroid patient because every cell in the body has thyroid hormone receptor and the cells need to accept T3 to survive.  They cannot accept T3 without those minerals!  If a patient has a low pH, guess what?  They are low in these essential minerals and they are unable to accept T3!  Do you wonder WHY some thyroid patients are not responding?  This could be the reason!

T4 to T3 conversion is dependent on zinc, and low levels of selenium will cause inactivity of T3!  Should patients be taking handfuls of zinc and selenium?  NO!  Get the body pH up and increase their stomach acid (HCL) so they can absorb the correct amount of zinc and selenium from their food.

Zinc is mainly found in beef, lamb, veal, crab, shrimp, scallops, turkey, pumpkin, sesame and squash seeds, oysters, peanuts, and yogurt.

Selenium is mainly found in tuna, cod, halibut, sardines, shrimp, salmon, beef, turkey, and lamb.

#3: Lowered Immune Response

Being acidic creates a welcoming environment for viruses and bacteria to flourish!  Therefore, pH is a huge player in immunity!  I strongly feel that part of the reason for the autoimmune epidemic in the U.S. is chronic low pH levels.

If you have noticed that you are more susceptible to colds and flu, this is one of the reasons WHY!

How do you check you pH level?  It is a very simple process of checking your first morning urine after 5 a.m. with a pH test strip that we have available at www.drjsupplements.com.  Please note that one urine pH test is not sufficient, you need to check your first morning pH

for at least a week and preferably two weeks to see a consistent pattern.


The problem is that everyone and their uncle are addressing the thyroid gland with their patient population, but NO ONE is addressing the parathyroid issue!!  The thyroid and parathyroid work hand-in-hand, and the major function of the parathyroid gland is to maintain the body’s calcium level!  It BUFFERS the blood!  HEEELLLLLOOOOOO!!!  Everyone is addressing the thyroid without addressing the parathyroid which is akin to exercising to lose weight but never addressing your diet.  Yes, lab-wise you could check the parathyroid hormone, BUT if the calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and/or Vitamin D levels are off, there is a great chance that the parathyroid is not functioning and it needs to be addressed.

If your parathyroid isn’t working, guess what?   YOUR BLOOD WILL NOT BE BUFFERED AND YOU WILL BE ACIDIC!!!In addition, the parathyroid is the MOST sensitive organ of the body for heavy metal toxins!

What is the #1 nutrient to support the parathyroid?  Green Tea-ND from Premier Reseach Labs (PRL).  One teaspoon of it is like drinking 40 cups of green tea.  Green Tea-ND is high in polyphenols which have been shown to protect DNA from radiation damage, support connective tissue, help with digestion, and supports the immune, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.



Drink plenty of good water (distilled or filtered water…. a minimum of 1/2 oz. per lb. of body wt per day or simply divide your body weight by 2), change your diet (more veggies, eliminate junk food and “white death”—white flour, white sugar and white salt), supplement with the pH Trio (PRL’s D3, Aloe Pro and Coral Legend…all available at www.drjsupplements.com) and finally, coffee enemas.


What if the patient’s first morning urine pH is over 7.0?

If the first morning urine pH is consistently over 7.0, the body is in severe alkalosis.   The minute that you supplement the patient with a pH above 7.0, their pH will crash to 4.5 or lower.  I have seen it happen in a number of cases in my office so I make sure to tell the patient what will happen beforehand.

Again, body pH is very easy to test with a box of pH test strips from www.drjsupplements.com. Follow the directions on the box but make sure that it is the first morning urine after 5 a.m. that is tested.  Saliva pH testing is NOT as accurate because it has not gone through the body’s metabolism.  Trust me, I have already checked it on several patients.  Their salivary pH is WNL (within normal limits) and their urinary pH was very acidic.   Both salivary and urine pH were checked at the same time.

Finally, I only use Premier Research Labs (PRL) nutritional supplements in my office because they are natural, live-source nutritional supplements that are excipient-free.


© 2013 Dr. Michael L. Johnson

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Johnson at mljohnson@askdrjohnson.com.

To sign-up for Dr. Johnson’s new book, You Can Beat Thyroid Disorders…Naturally!, and receive the e-book copy for free, please go to www.youcanbeatthyroiddisorders.com

Dr. Michael L. Johnson is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and has been in private practice in Appleton, WI since 1983.  He is the author of the books, What Do You Do When the Medications Don’t Work?—A Non-Drug Treatment of Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Conditions and You Can Beat Cancer…Naturally!  (a free e-book is available at www.drjcancerbook.com). His third book, You Can Beat Thyroid Disease…Naturally! will be released February 1, 2013, and you can sign-up for a free e-book copy at www.youcanbeatthyroiddisorders.com.  This site is one of the most popular thyroid related sites on the internet, and it is loaded with additional information on thyroid disorders.

Dr. Johnson is the founder of the National Thyroid Institute, a group of doctors dedicated to educating thyroid patients. He is also the founder of the Neuro-Metabolic Super Group (NMSG), a group of doctors that are dedicated to addressing chronic conditions.  More information on the NMSG is available at www.lifechangingcare.com.

The Gallbladder

The Gallbladder

–by Dr. Michael L. Johnson

The gallbladder stores and concentrates bile from the liver and releases it into the small intestine to further digest food, especially fats.


Bile has two major functions in the body…

#1: It breaks down the fats that you eat so that your body can utilize them. Without adequate bile you do not metabolize your fats well which can result in a deficiency of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). You may also have problems digesting the essential fatty acids. Other symptoms would be trouble utilizing calcium, dry skin, peeling on the soles of your feet, etc.

Excessive burping after a fatty meal is one way to tell if the patient is having difficulty digesting fats. They may feel nauseous or experience gas and bloating.

#2:  Bile is a VERY powerful antioxidant that helps to remove toxins from the liver.  The liver filters toxins (bacteria, viruses, drugs or other foreign substances the body doesn’t want) and sends them out via the bile, which is made in the liver. The pathway of departure is from the liver through the bile ducts and into the gallbladder or directly into the small intestine where it joins waste matter and leaves through the colon with the feces. A healthy liver produces about a quart to a quart and a half of bile daily. If patients have gallbladder problems, they would do well to cleanse their liver and bowel too. Many people with sluggish gallbladders have a tendency towards constipation.

Almost everyone over the age of 40 y.o. has issues with their gallbladder because of years of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).

It is Vitamin B6 that keeps the bile salts in suspension in the gallbladder.  The problem is that we live in a high stress society, and it is high stress (along with birth control pills and HRT) that depletes B6!

Since B6 keeps the bile salts in suspension, if you do not have adequate amounts of B6, you will not absorb fats.

Many doctors are providing their patients with Vitamin D to support their immune system and overall health BUT they fail to remember that Vitamin D is NOT a vitamin, it is a hormone!  More specifically, Vitamin D is A FAT!  When you supplement with Vitamin D but you do not address the gallbladder (and liver…please see my article, The Liver!), the patient will not be absorb it or if they are able to absorb it, it will be minimal amounts.   The same holds true for the essential fatty acid supplements (fish oil) that many patients take to improve their health.

As a side note, patients that have difficulty falling asleep at night usually suffer from a gall bladder problem.  Patients that wake up in the middle of the night and cannot fall back to sleep usually suffer from a stomach problem and feeling groggy in the morning is an adrenal issue.

Problems with the gallbladder can be successfully addressed via diet and by using proper nutritional supplemental protocols.  I use BiliVen and Gall Bladder-ND from Premier Research Labs (PRL) to support and address the gallbladder.  I only use Premier Research Labs (PRL) nutritional supplements in my office because they are natural, live-source nutritional supplements that are excipient-free.


© 2013 Dr. Michael L. Johnson

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Johnson at mljohnson@askdrjohnson.com.


To sign-up for Dr. Johnson’s new book, You Can Beat Thyroid Disorders…Naturally!, and receive the e-book copy for free, please go to www.youcanbeatthyroiddisorders.com

Dr. Michael L. Johnson is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and has been in private practice in Appleton, WI since 1983.  He is the author of the books, What Do You Do When the Medications Don’t Work?—A Non-Drug Treatment of Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Conditions and You Can Beat Cancer…Naturally!  (a free e-book is available at www.drjcancerbook.com). His third book, You Can Beat Thyroid Disease…Naturally! will be released February 1, 2013, and you can sign-up for a free e-book copy at www.youcanbeatthyroiddisorders.com.  This site is one of the most popular thyroid related sites on the internet, and it is loaded with additional information on thyroid disorders.

Dr. Johnson is the founder of the National Thyroid Institute, a group of doctors dedicated to educating thyroid patients. He is also the founder of the Neuro-Metabolic Super Group (NMSG), a group of doctors that are dedicated to addressing chronic conditions.  More information on the NMSG is available at www.lifechangingcare.com.